Blissfully Mine, aka Autumn, is a contestant from Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   _____ _, ____ (age __)

Country            ____

Occupation    ______

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)            Sikai

Placement      12/16

Challenges won  5

Vote(s) Against   5

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Autumn entered the game on the tribe Sikai. She avoided the first tribal council along with her tribemates. Her tribe lost the following Reward Challenge, but they avoided the second Tribal Council by winning the Immunity Challenge. After her tribe lost the fifth immunity challenge, she went on to tribal to be voted off unanimously by the majority alliance (Zurvivor alliance) and by Toast.

Vote Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Autumn

1 Sikai Tribe Immune
2 Sikai Tribe Immune
3 Sikai Tribe Immune
4 -

Cindy, Kaeden, Max, Toast, Zach

Voted Out, Day 15


  • Autumn is the first original member of Sikai to be voted out.