CindyTDITDATDWT, aka Cindy, is a contestant from Survivor: Solomon Islands.


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Contestant Profile

Birthdate   March 4, 1996 (age 17)

Country            USA

Occupation    Student

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)            Sikai

Placement      TBA/16

Alliance Zurvivor Alliance (affiliated)

Challenges won  6

Vote(s) Against   0

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Cindy came to the game with hopes to redeem herself from a previous Survivor game. She won the first Immunity Challenge with her tribe, Sikai. Her tribe lost the Reward Challenge, but pulled through during the second Immunity Challenge. Even though not an original member of Zach's alliance, she was the one to name it the "Zurvivor Alliance." Later, after assisting Zach, she was brought into the alliance as its sixth member. Her team won the third reward challenge.

After the tribe swap, Cindy remained on Sikai. The new Sikai lost the fourth immunity challenge and had to send someone home.

Voted Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Cindy

1 Sikai Tribe Immune
2 Sikai Tribe Immune
3 Sikai Tribe Immune
4 -
5 -
6 Sikai Tribe Immune


  • Cindy is a member of the first ever Survivor User Games alliance.
    • She also named this alliance.
  • Cindy is the first person to be affiliated with an alliance in Survivor User Game history.