DevynC2, aka Devyn, is a contestant form Survivor: Solomon Islands. He is know for being the first contestant voted off.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   _____ _, ____ (age __)

Country            _____

Occupation    ________

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)           Ulawa

Placement       16/16

Challenges won  0

Vote(s) Against   7

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Devyn entered the game on the red tribe, Ulawa. He was unanimously voted out, however, after losing the first challenge.

Votes Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Devyn


Angeleo, Courtney, Kacey, Kaffe,
Mike, Orange, Tyler

Voted Off, Day 3


  • Devyn is the first person to never win a challenge.
  • Devyn is the first contestant ever voted out of Survivor User Games.
    • By extension, he is also the first contestant to ever be unanimously voted out.
  • Devyn is the lowest ranking overall contestant and lowest ranking Ulawa member.