Survivorfan13, aka Max, is a contestant on Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   _____ _, ____ (age __)

Country            _____

Occupation    ________

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)            Sikai

Placement      TBA/16

Alliance   Zurvivor Alliance

Challenges won  6

Vote(s) Against   0

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Max was placed on the Sikai tribe. He is in an alliance that consists of him, Emma, Sam, Skittle, and Zachary. He avoided the first Tribal Council with his tribe by convincing the users to vote for their tribe to win immunity. He followed the same strategy in the next two episodes. In Episode 4, a tribe swap lead Max being exiled. It was said that he will return to the tribe that will vote out the next contestant. His alliiance also got seperated because of the tribe swap. After his exile, he was lucky enough to be placed in the same tribe where the majority of his alliance members where, the new Sikai tribe.

Voted Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Max

1 Sikai Tribe Immune
2 Sikai Tribe Immune
3 Sikai Tribe Immune
4 In Exile
5 -
6 Sikai Tribe Immune


  • Max is a part of the first ever alliance on this wiki.
  • Max is the first contestant to ever be exiled.