Ulawa is a tribe in Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Season: Solomon Islands

Type:     Starting Tribe

Formed: Day 1

Rival:     Sikai

Status:   Merged on Day 19

Wins:     3

Lowest:  Devyn (16/16)

Highest: TBA (TBA/16)


Original MembersEdit

Post Tribe SwapEdit


Ulawa lost the first challenge, so they had to head to Tribal Council, where they voted off Devyn. They won the Rewards Challenge for a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, but lost the following Immunity Challenge, so they headed to Tribal Council, where they voted off Tyler.

After the tribe swap, Ulawa began dominating in challenges and went on an immunity challenge win streak. Sadly, at the first tribal council that the losing tribe, Sikai, attended, the only tribe mate that swapped to Sikai, Kacey, was voted out.


  • Ulawa lost the first ever challenge of the Survivor User Games wiki.
  • Only three original Ulawa members entered the merge.
  • Everytime Ulawa went to tribal council, there was a unanimous vote.