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  • Survivorpanda

    Immunity Challenge 5

    December 22, 2013 by Survivorpanda

    Welcome! Users, vote for Ulawa or Sikai to win this immunity challenge.

    Sorry for my inactivity, I am writing a story so me busy on wiki ;(

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  • Survivorpanda

    Reward Challenge 5

    December 16, 2013 by Survivorpanda

    Everybody, hi!! you may vote for Ulawa of Sikai. The winner gets bacon and one will get a clue to the HII!! >:3

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  • Survivorpanda

    Alright, today 6 contestants from Sikai have lost the immunity challenge. Of course, contestants may say why they shouldn't be voted off. Everybody else, you may vote (off):

    Autumn (Blissfully Mine)

    Cindy (CindyTDITDATDWT)

    Kacey (Yui Nii-san, of her many other accounts)

    Skittle (Kuzuri)

    Toast (Toast With The Most)

    Zach (Zurvivor)

    Vote vote vote!!! ^.^ (Max will join Sikai after this Tribal Council)

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  • Survivorpanda

    Immunity Challenge 4

    December 13, 2013 by Survivorpanda

    This is the fourht immunity challenge, but this time with different tribes. User may vote for Ulawa or Sikai. As a reminder, the members of each are:

    Sikai: Autumn, Cindy, Kacey, Skittle, Toast, Zach

    Ulawa: Angeleo, Emma, Kaffe, Mike, Orange, Sam

    Good luck!! :)

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  • Survivorpanda

    This is another vote. Today, the users will vote between...

    Three options that'll decide the switched tribes, that's right! A tribe switch! And since there is an odd number, I did a random chooser and one lucky person will go to exile...and that luck person is...

    Max!!! He will go on whichever tribe loses next after the next vote.

    So, here are the tribe options:


    Sikai: Zach, Emma, Orange, Kacey, Sam, Toast

    Ulawa: Autumn, Angeleo, Cindy, Skittle, Mike, Kaffe


    Sikai: Mike, Emma, Sam, Kaffe, Toast, Cindy

    Ulawa: Skittle, Zach, Autumn, Orange, Angeleo, Kacey


    Sikai: Kacey, Autumn, Cindy, Toast, Skittle, Zach

    Ulawa: Sam, Orange, Angeleo, Kaffe, Mike, Emma

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