Yui Nii-san, aka Kacey, is a contestant on Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   _____ _, ____ (age __)

Country            ____

Occupation    _______

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)           Ulawa

Placement      13/16

Challenges won  1

Vote(s) Against   4

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Kacey came into Solomon Islands on the Ulawa tribe. Kacey lost the very first immunity challenge and her tribe decided to vote out Devyn. The next day, though, Ulawa won the reward challenge.

At the tribe swap, she left her original tribe and joined Sikai. After Sikai lost the first immunity challenge of the swap, she was quickly eliminated due to the Zurvivor Alliance sticking together.

Voted Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Kacey

1 Devyn
2 -
3 -
4 Cindy, Kaeden, Zach
Voted Out, Day 12


  • First person to not be unanimously voted out.
  • First swapped member of Sikai to be voted out.
  • She is the only person from Ulawa to swap to Sikai.