Zurvivor, aka Zach or Zachary, is a contestant on Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   Oct 31, 1997 (age 16)

Country            U.S.A

Occupation    Student

High School Basketball Player

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)            Sikai

Placement      TBA/16

Alliance   Zurvivor Alliance

Challenges won  6

Vote(s) Against   3

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit

Zachary was placed on the Sikai tribe. During Sikai's first challenge, he asked the voters to allow him to create an alliance consisting of Emma, Max, Sam, Skittle, and himself. He won the first immunity challenge with his tribe. His tribe lost the ensuing reward challenge, but they won the following Immunity challenge. He was soon targeted by his tribe for his brash announcement of an alliance, even from the alliance's members. Toast was the only person who did not target him. Zachary was soon able to win back his alliance after making their shelter leak proof, and bonding with his original alliance plus Cindy.

Voted Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Zach

1 Sikai Tribe Immune
2 Sikai Tribe Immune
3 Sikai Tribe Immune
4 Kacey, Toast
5 Autumn
6 Sikai Tribe Immune


  • Zachary is the first contestant to ask voters to create an alliance.
  • First original Sikai member to receive more than one vote.